Bullfights, anyone?

So I guess everything happens for a reason. Every single little thing.

For some reason today I had been reminiscing about the bullfights my friends (Irda & Ben) and I had witnessed, seven years ago. Seven years that feels like yesterday.

So all these flashbacks took me to my old Fotopages where I had all the photos uploaded – this (click for write-up) and this (click for photos). And oh, I noticed something. The bullfight day was on 19th June 2005. And that’s my estimated due date, this year! In ten days. I love coincidences like these!

To be honest, it’s quite disturbing to have the images of the whole bullfighting scenes playing at the back of my head. Especially in times like these. Who needs to be reminded of raw brutality towards animals when you’re counting days to pop the baby out! Right.

But let’s take it this way. Probably Allah is trying to answer my call. In quite a weird way but at least I get some answers. I’ve been somewhat paranoid about all these labor episodes. The possibilities are too vague for me to even imagine.  Or probably I’m just too scared to imagine anything.

This is my first time. I guess it’s just fair to feel this way. Or I hope so.

So. This is how I wan’t to view this whole bullfight-flashback thingy. The bull is like the labor pain. I’m the matador, whose job is obviously, to fight the bull. Hence, my job, is, technically to fight the labor pain.

By the way, the hero of the bullfight show – the matador who brought down the toughest bull – his name is Javier (pronounced ha-vi-yer).  The bull that Javier fought was MASSIVE. And definitely a STRONG one. But did Ha-vi-yer win? He did. How did he win? He was persistent. He was fearless. Well probably he feared.  But he fought his fear. And he didn’ t freak out.

Anything goes, as long as massive bull goes down. I should do just that too. Yes. My job is to just be brave and strong and handle the pain. And pray that everything goes well, Insyaallah. After all, there’s a priceless reward awaits at the end of it, right? 🙂

I can be Javier too. As long as I don’t freak out.

Please pray that everything goes well for me, and of course, for all expecting mums out there too. Amin.

p.s.: Mak, I love you.


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