I’m so behind in this whole social media thingy. While millions  of people out there live and breathe Facebook, it’s been 3 months since I logged on to my account. I stick with Twitter these days. And a bit of blogs here and there.

Last night called me to change my blog looks, after almost 3 years of the same look and feel. Thanks to the layout of this new theme I’m using, I can add on some extra widgets at the bottom of the page. That’s when I found this widget: Goodreads. Hold on. I think I saw that all these while. But I probably I just didn’t give a damn.

Can’t believe I get THIS excited about it that I have gotta blog about it! Haha! But I love this Goodread thingy. Because I have this habit of buying books and keep them too long on the shelves before I read them. So I guess Goodread serves as a great reminder for me. Like, “hello you got some books to read stop fiddling around with Google will you?” (3rd panel).

1st panel reminds me of how great I always felt after reading great books. 2nd panel is merely a list of books I currently am reading. Yes, sometimes my moods play a role in what I book I read hehe.

So. I guess if you love books, you’d love Goodreads.  🙂


p.s.: Praying hard. Holding on to my faith.

p.p.s.: 4 days to go!



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