Day 48

Little that I knew that the day after I posted my last blog entry, I would give birth to our son. My due date was 19 June 2012, so I was already already expecting to go into labor any time soon then, but nobody knew exactly when, right?

Few hours before I posted my last entry, the cervix was already 2cm dilated, but my obgyn said it usually takes a couple of days for the cervix to be fully dilated for first pregnancy. So she’s basically expecting Sunday 17 June, or I might even deliver on time.

But as it turned out, our little guy is too eager to see the world that he came out on Saturday the 16th. Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly for me. The pushing game took an hour for me, but alhamdulillah I guess the outcome was worth it. Hehe. Here goes…


Adam Khairy, born 16 June 2012, 1702 hours.

And for all we know, it’s been 48 days already. Already! Adam has shown great development so far, alhamdulillah. And have grown into this…

Adam Khairy, day 42.

And day (night) 42 was when I accidentally downed a bowl of frozen yogurt. Pfftt.

p.s.: Alhamdulillah


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