21 Days Trial

For as long as I could remember, I have been a nasik-separuh-ye-kak person.  Until I reached my confinement days. During my 44-days of confinement, I ate almost quadruple as much rice than I usually did. Quadruple, you read it right. Now let’s do the maths.

Last time, for as long as I could remember:

Half a plate of rice times two (lunch and dinner) comes to one full plate of rice per day.

Confinement time

Quadruple as much —> 4 full plates of rice per day. FOUR, baby.

Now I’m glad that my confinement is way over. Only, the rice issue continues. I still eat rice like there’s no tomorrow. And I have been wondering why.

Until I came across this fact –> it takes twenty-one days for a person to develop a habit. Good or bad.


Confinement was 44 days, right? That means I had been practicing the 4-plates-of-rice-a-day habit for 44 days straight, right? And it only takes 21 days for the habit to actually develop, right? No wonder laaaaa!!!

So. Now that I have found the answer, I’m so going to revert to my old rice intake. 21 days of half a plate of rice per meal. I’ll start with 7 days first – the most crucial period. And see how I take it.

Speaking of habit, I woke up at 4.30 a.m. this morning and started my day straight away. Been doing that a few times recently. (My biological clock wakes me up at 4++ every morning without fail, but I usually snooze off like twenty times before I actually sprang up, so my fault, my fault). One thing about waking up early is that I feel the day goes longer and slower. It doesn’t feel that way of you wake up at 10am and sleep at like 3am, eventhough the amount of hours you spend awake is the same. So I guess another 21-day milestone for me is, starting my day at 4.30 a.m. everyday.

Are we all set? 

Yes. Or not quite. Now that we know what I want to do for the next 21 days – cultivating good habits – we have to couple it with affirmations. Affirmations is simply like a monologue – you say to yourself what you want to achieve, as if you HAVE ACHIEVED it already. Macam orang gila, kan? Indeed. But this affirmation is a magical craziness. What it does is, it sends the signal  to our brains, and our brain will be wired up to act towards the things we have affirmations on.

I wake up and start my day at 4.30 a.m. each and every morning.

I eat half-a-plate of rice per meal and feel full and contented.

Ok. My 21-days trial of cultivating better habits officially starts now.

Oh. I owe it to this article –> http://personalexcellence.co/blog/cultivate-a-good-habit-in-21-days/ – Try to give it a read and let’s start cultivating better habits for the better us together! 🙂

p.s.: Steve Jobs my superhero, it’s been a year.


2 thoughts on “21 Days Trial

  1. salam,

    sent a mail abt the tailor you found at medan mara (one of your earlier posts). maybe gmail ate it up, or you’ve been super busy, but i would appreciate if you could give the tailor’s name or number…? thanks in advance

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