weDa, who?

all i could say is, i’m a very interesting creature.

ok that. doesn’t. really. come. from. me.

ok seriously.

A photography and travel enthusiast. In her past times, she photographs and reads. What she reads would depend on her current spirit and mood.

Started blogging years ago to channel all her monologues, which revolve around just about anything in her life. Social, work, people, spiritual, foods, that filthy cat down the street, traffic jams, or whatever that ticks in the heart.

Deep down, she’s a huge fan of kitchen cutlery and a cabinet full of spices and cooking ingredients, but in reality, cooking only comes into practice occasionally.

For years, she had been (and is still) wondering if paradoxical is normal.

Loves quotable quotes (because she needs constant reminders).

Oh and, is currently working out on how to have a personal chit chat with Tony Fernandes. Yes, THE Tony Fernandes.


p.s.: more photos here and here too.